Errorless Learning – Bridget Fitzsimmons

The Errorless Learning App utilizes the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) to teach academic skills to early learners, including vocabulary words, shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.
Visual performance and fine motor skills are also practiced by completing puzzles and tracing letters and numbers. Many of the Kindergarten entry prerequisite skills are taught within this app!
Skills are taught in a way that prompts to learner to respond correctly every time, without giving the option to respond incorrectly. The best part is, children earn a reward for accurate responding: making fireworks at the touch of a finger! The integration of both the errorless teaching strategy and frequent positive reinforcement is what sets this application apart from other leading early childhood education programs.
The Errorless Learning App focuses on listener responding skills, often referred to by speech and language pathologists as “receptive language” skills. Mastering these listening skills provides the foundation necessary to develop expressive language skills, which involves answering questions accurately and verbally responding to parents and teachers.
The Errorless Learning App was created by a BCBA/teacher/parent. It is specifically designed for children with developmental delays (all ages), including diagnoses of speech and language impairment, Autism, and ADHD. This app is also beneficial for typically developing toddlers and preschoolers who are preparing for Kindergarten enrollment (approximate age: 2-6).