Envelope Maker by ZDF – Dafang zhang


Envelopes are every bit as important as the materials contained with in them. In fact, if your envelopes don’t make that first key impression to motivate someone to open them, your communications may not even reach the intended eyes.

With Envelope Maker, you can creates professional-looking envelopes in minutes. And you could adding your own graphic logo.It’s Very simple to use. Just need set your company name, address and logo or use our default logo.Then you can export the standout envelope.

1. Envelope Page:
Maintain your envelope list, add or remove envelope.

2. Edit Page:
Edit current envelope, you can set company(sender) information with name, address and logo. And the same time, you could set client(addressee) name and address.

3. Template Page:
You could choose a template which you like.

4. Preferences Page:
Set the preferences by your requirement. Show default logo or your custom logo with envelope. Show or hide client(addressee) information. Export the envelop as PDF or PNG format.

5. Preview Page:
You can preview the envelop with your design and export it.