Entry Logger – Web Coast Apps

This useful app converts basic information about yourself into a QR Code. For Example, your name and phone number. The user is in full control of what information gets converted and who sees the information.

QR stands for “Quick Response” and consists of an array of black and white squares used for storing information that can be read by a camera on another smartphone.

This has many applications and can be used to help a business, like a restaurant, coffee shop, dentist, or a department store, log who is entering into their establishment.

Entry Logger allows you (the user) to quickly transfer information about yourself, eg: Name and Phone number, just by showing a QR code on your phone as you walk-in. The Establishment would then have a record of your visit and the time you arrived. This gives the establishment the means to contact you if it becomes necessary.

Also, you will have the ability to scan a QR code provided by a Business to log where you have been and when. How many times have you forgotten the date you went somewhere or attended an event?