Engineer AI – sd2labs

Description is a human-assisted AI that empowers everyone to build & operate tech projects; from a new app to the AWS Cloud. We are doing to Software Development what Henry Ford did to Car Manufacturing; mechanizing the process by putting it on the Assembly line which connects AI & Human teams; thereby streamlining, automating and reducing cost. 2x the speed at ⅓ the price. It is a collision of intelligent automation, ideas, and human talent that allows you to build any tech project transparently.

We don’t charge our customers for every line of code; but rather what’s unique to them; letting them build upon our extensive & growing library of Feature Components “Code Pods” so they are not paying for code we have written elsewhere. Everything in happens within the customer’s browser from pricing to speaking to their team; at their fingertips and at their convenience.

We use artificial intelligence to automate everything possible and a deep-network of vendors for everything else; this lets us deliver three core promises:
– Always on Budget: Transparent Pricing with a Guaranteed Cost.
– Wicked Fast: Faster Build through innovation the process. is a Human-assisted AI that empowers everyone to independently build & operate tech products through two products that work together to be their virtual engineering team.
– Always there: Full Lifecycle from Build to Operating on the Cloud.