Enchanted Crystals – Ingenious Knowledge


Strange things are happening in the school of wizardry. Iona thought she would just be a little late for master Yorn’s magical art class, but things are a lot worse than that. After witnessing Mrs Milena, one of the teachers, performing dark magics in the hallways, the teacher tosses Iona into the school’s dark and abandoned catacombs. Fortunately for her, Ramon the class nerd manages to contact her through a telepathic spell to find out why she had been dragged from class.
What is behind Milena’s dark spell? Will Ramon manage to help Ilona find out of the catacombs?

This is a technical demo, and we’re asking for the help of students to test it. It is in development as part of the project ‘LEVEL’ which is funded by Erasmus+. We think that the game is now in a state in which we can collect needed feedback from students from all over the world. Keep in mind that the game still contains bugs and is not finished yet. We would love to hear your feedback!