Empower Digital Marketing – Ensuite Media

The first Digital Marketing Assistant that puts a marketing team in your pocket. Empower effectively transforms how online marketing services are delivered by providing self-managed services that eliminate the need to hire, manage and support dedicated marketing teams.

– Empower constantly updates its platform capabilities by integrating with the latest marketing technology solutions available. This ensures optimal efficiency of marketing campaigns and helps deliver and drive the best results.
– Empower combines feedback from AI-based technology and marketing experts to deliver timely information, needed actions and recommendations
– Empower provides access to 500GB of space to store business marketing assets, including images, logos, videos, advertising, social media posts, customer information, performance reports and more. All your digital marketing assets and campaign history in one place.
– Empower engages with you regularly through its system of notifications. Based on your marketing objectives, Empower automatically recommends the most important actions you can take to boost your marketing results.

– Empower’s marketing as a service platform helps centralize assets, data and reporting across channels, continuously learning and so it can improve campaign results.
– Empower’s pay-per-use model gives you more bang for your buck. Because we thrive on short-term commitments, there’s no need for a long-term contract.