Emplify – BlueBridge

Surface powerful insights about your company’s culture with Emplify Insights. Available to current Emplify customers, Emplify Insights enables you and your company’s leadership to identify what’s really standing between you and the best work of your life.

Emplify Insights brings Emplify’s proprietary approach to measuring professional engagement and the forces that affect it to your mobile device.

With Emplify Insights, you can:
• Give timely and relevant feedback to your employer about your current state of engagement
• Help identify the real issues that cause problems for you and your co-workers
• Express how you really feel—we ensure your information is protected and confidential, and your privacy is our paramount concern

Emplify Insights helps your employer to:
• Communicate with you on your own device
• Gather quantitative and qualitative insight into the engagement challenges you and your co-workers face
• Identify and fix the real issues in your work culture

Use of the Emplify iOS app is available to all Emplify customers.