Empida – Employee Wellbeing AS

Empida brings morale and unity among employees from every team, department, division, regions and countries.

With Empida employees wellbeing is at focus; mentally, physically and productivity. By using gamification we make it easier to achieve high employee wellbeing.

Use Empida to
Focus on employees wellbeing
Teambuilding, unity, and cohesion
Create team challenges and invite all employees to their respective teams
Raise awareness with rich content; mediation, mindfulness, gratitude, sleep and more.
Give rewards that matter to teams and managers
Engagement and motivation among employees
Use gamification methods to help employees mentally and physically
Use digital experts like nutritionists to communicate with employees whenever and wherever they want
Support NGO’s, not only the ones the organisation likes but also the ones the employees like.
Much more…

Experiencing trouble? Please reach out to contact@empida.com