Electrolux Kitchen Scale – Electrolux


Tasty and healthy meals. The Bluetooth connected kitchen scale is the essential tool to help you be precise with your recipe, while knowing the nutritional value of your ingredients.

The scale has an accuracy for the ingredients down to the gram, and thanks to the app, all the information is transmitted immediately to your phone – measurements and nutritional value, so the healthy food you love always tastes the best.

The Electrolux Scale app is a simple and easy to use app that helps you in tracking the nutritional values of your meals and ingredients, and compare them to your recommended daily dose of proteins, carbs, etc., which is calculated by the Electrolux Scale app based on your profile information.

The app can be used offline as well – if you do not have the Electrolux Explore Kitchen scale, you can just search for the food and add the weight measurements of the ingredients to get the nutritional information.

Each time you weigh ingredients/smoothies/meals you can add the values to the Journal, so you can easily keep track of all the nutritional values that you are consuming.