Eibarat is Social Network for Short texts. With Eibarat you can publish texts,image and read the posts of all or your friends, also you can Comments and Share on all posts . and more…

Two Feed section will show you the posts of users for whom you are following and all.

With Eibarat you can :

– Posts text,photo,tags,
– Comments on posts
– Likes on posts
– Search for all posts
– Search for your friends
– Follow and UNFollow for users
– Followers or Following for users
– Push notifications about new comments, likes.
– Hashtags.
– Share
– Links.
– Delete your posts
– Block users
– Submitting tickets to support from application
– Reports to the posts and users
Eibarat now works with :

For any question or Suggestions, please leave a comment here or with Connect us inside app .

Thank you for all