EEZY KEYZ® end-to-end email encryption – IPRA Technologies Ltd.


World’s most powerful end-to-end email encryption software – works with any email! The EEZY KEYZ® mobile application works like any other email application. The only difference is that the user can send and receive encrypted email to and from other EEZY KEYZ® users. The EEZY KEYZ® mobile application is encryption software that is compatible with all the main email services. EEZY KEYZ® connects to your email service and automatically handles the encryption process and key exchange between users. The encryption keys for email, attachments and metadata are randomly generated each time by the autonomous encryption software. Email and attachments saved in local folders are also encrypted to ensure that your email data remains protected at all times.

* Convenience: EEZY KEYZ® is a fully automated & ease-of-use Cross-Platform solution. It is extremely easy to install and use. There is no need to open a new email account, as it is compatible with all leading email service providers. The software automatically encrypts email and attachments between EEZY KEYZ® users with very strong multi-key end-to-end encryption technology. It keeps all your email data protected both on all EEZY KEYZ® – enabled devices and in the Cloud.

* Protect your email on all devices: EEZY KEYZ® is a generic Cross-Platform solution. You can install as many different versions of it as needed to protect email on all your devices (limited to supported platforms). Your EEZY KEYZ® account is connected to your email address, not to a specific device. This allows you to securely and privately send and receive email anytime and anywhere, and your organization to safely adopt BYOD-practice.

* Very strong session and identity based encryption: EEZY KEYZ® uses a unique (and patent-pending) session-and identity-based asymmetric and symmetric multi-key encryption technology (3×256 BIT AES and 1×3072 BIT RSA). EEZY KEYZ® not only features a 3-times stronger protection shield – it also adds a totally new security layer. This makes it practically impossible to hack the system. To do so successfully would require massive interception capacity just to open one single email for unauthorized scanning.

* Privacy: Our number one priority is always privacy. There are no general keys or backdoors in EEZY KEYZ®. We do not transmit or store email, and never has access to your email. The encryption keys for email, attachments and metadata are randomly generated each time by the autonomous encryption software on the user’s device. In other words, this is done without the EEZY KEYZ® service provider, any email service provider, or any interceptor ever seeing them.

* Invite friends: It is easy to invite friends to use EEZY KEYZ® so you can exchange encrypted email and keep your messages private.