EDMC 311 EAST Delhi Municpal Corporation

EDMC 311 app encourages citizens of East Delhi, to Communicate directly with there community leaders in government to resolve issues in their neighborhood.

We allow Citizens to:

– Report a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood, like Dead Animals,Garbage dumbs,Toilet not cleaned etc.
– Submit a service request to local government.
– Track the response and engage in public dialogue, through issue resolution
Here is how it works:
1. See something that needs to be fixed?
2. Submit a request with a photo & GPS Location attached.
3. Authorities receives the request.
4. The Authorities fixes the problem!
5. You get notified when the request is completed.
– Find What’s Near Me with GPS Driving Route

You can also vote, monitor requests, provide comments and follow other requests in your community.
EDMC 311 is designed to adopt to Open311 protocols and APIs to simplify access to citizen services.
Download the app today to get started!