Edge Remote – Audio Partnership


Take control of our best ever hi-fi system with the brand-new Edge Remote.

In the build-up to our 50th anniversary, we asked our engineers, what would they make if anything was possible? If we removed all limitations? Over 3 years in the making, from a team of 9 engineers, the result was Edge.

Our best ever hi-fi system needed our best ever app to control it. Edge Remote was built from the ground up, with an interface designed to mimic the simple and intuitive dual-concentric knob used to navigate menus on the Edge NQ, to deliver an outstanding, unobtrusive user experience. With Edge Remote you’ll be able to…

• Control Playback – Select audio sources, control volume and view Now Playing status
• Play Internet Radio – Browse 1000s of stations and save your favourites as presets
• Explore Your Digital Library – Play music and build play queues from your networked devices or connected USB sources
• Configure Your Product – Set-up Edge the way you like it. Rename the unit, set volume limits, change standby modes and much more

Rediscover Music with Edge.