e-Mut – SocMut


Track your healthcare refunds on e-Mut, the internet account of the socialist healthcare services.

With this handy app you can see immediately if your doctor’s visit has been refunded and what the status of your e-attests is.

From home or on the road, thanks to the e-Mut app you are always in the loop. This saves you a few visits to our offices!

This app gives you:
• A list of your payments and refunds
• A list of your e-attests (digital payments)
• The details of an e-attest, such as date, amount and status
• A handy search function
• The opportunity to register a pincode as login
• Useful links

The e-Mut app is available for all members of De Voorzorg Limburg, De VoorZorg Antwerpen, Bond Moyson Oost-Vlaanderen and Bond Moyson West-Vlaanderen.