e-GP – Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia


The Forestry e-Geospatial (e-GP) is a geospatial web-based online system developed by the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) for spatial planning, management and monitoring of forestry resources in Peninsular Malaysia. Appointed state administrators from the respective State Forestry Offices are required to update the forest and forestry related spatial layers to enable provision of accurate and timely data. The system will enable FDPM users to execute spatial analysis and produce maps for their consumption. The system is open to the public through official application to the FDPM.

The Government of Malaysia and the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of information obtained or derived from this application.

Additional Information
For further information/enquiry please contact FDPM Headquarters, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, 50660 Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-26164488, Fax:03-26925657, Email: webmaster@forestry.gov.my)