Drive Limousine Parking Legend – Rafique Ahmed


Riding luxury and comfort cars is always a fun, try our new game with latest features by parking limousine, moving from the roads, and getting right into the parking spot, in big city busy roads. Stop playing primitive boring, racing and car drifting games, because this time, you will be having a true adventure in parking the latest model of ultimate legend car. Drive Limousine Parking Legend game offers you to play like a boss, with controlling the game in 3D real car parking environment. Become the champion of parking the expensive, cool featured amazing car and show the world your inner hero, drive safe, and move the big car rapidly towards parking lot.

This game offer a complete new look of car parking simulation, unlike other games, this game has a ground level parking, overcoming some road obstacles, crossing some barriers, waiting for the signal lifter to lift and then control your 3D royal car with given race, break and right left turn controls on easy and intuitive GUI. Xtreme deliveries of limousine in this game zone are giving an extra boost to gameplay. Never feel bored, because this Drive Limousine Parking Legend is an endless game with multiple cars, right one after the other, cross one level and move automatically to the next level. Make sure you drive this luxury expensive car safely. And no hits no scratches, if you get to hit the car with some road side barriers or city car traffic, then you will get to lose one life, there are limited lives in a stage, make sure to complete the task in given lives, or in stages when there is a time constraint, follow that time limit, and complete target to end the level with best high scores.

This game will be interactive as you are not supposed to park your limousine in a multi-storey car parking plaza, but rather, move from roads and stay in lane, no rule breaking and quick response to any space you get to move from, take a chance and park in the real car parking game, with your excellent driving and parking skills. If you are a newbie in car parking then this game can also help you in car parking training for free, get yourself booked for one of the outclass, fantastic gameplay with 3D featured graphics, looking like a realistic ultimate car parking environment. There are different types of vehicles moving on the road, compete with trucks, cars, motobilkes, but where you find an ambulance, stay for it to pass, because, although this is an emergency car parking game, but not more emergent than an ambulance. Have an awesome experience this day with our extreme 3D simulation game of awesome, newest, royal luxury cars. A lot of luxury cars have been seen roaming on roads, but this limousine is separate from all the rest of them, because of its looks and speed of a fast car.

Drive Limousine Parking Legend has these amazing features in it:
• Multiple amazing levels
• Multiple mission based parking in city environment
• Realistic graphics and environment
• Easy control with steering wheel, gas and brake pedals
• Real car physics and multiple cars
• Realistic limousine luxury parking
• Endless gameplay
• Upgrade your car with reaching specific levels of coins earned

Download Drive Limousine Parking Legend now for an endless amazing featured car driving and parking. Find out the parking lot in city common parking area, and drop your car right in the place give, mention with a sign of P for parking.