Dream Beach 2 – Atmosphaeres – Eric Fassbender


Dream Beach 2 – Immersive VR Relaxation

Welcome to your sacred haven of peace. A place where you can be all by yourself, listen to the gentle sounds of the ocean and look at the mesmerising, ever-changing pattern of ripples on the surface of the turquoise water.

Take a deep breath in and as you slowly breathe out, forget about your stressful day and be completely at peace with the world and yourself for the next 15 minutes.

Let all of your stresses, worries and fears be washed away by the soothing waves of the ocean on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Your own, private Dream Beach.

Instead of providing you with a mediocre experience, we opted to offer you the highest quality videos that your iPhone 6s and newer will be able to play.

Consequently, the download of Dream Beach 2 – Immersive VR Relaxation is 2GB in size. So please make sure that you are on a fast and stable internet connection when you download this app.

You can play back the 360 VR video on your iPhone or an iPad in standard view, however, to get the full experience, you need to use a VR headset that is suitable for iPhone, like e.g. Google cardboard. To exit the VR Experience, please look down and point the cursor at the Home button for approximately 3 seconds.

We hope you enjoy Dream Beach 2 on iOS as much as the thousands of happy users on other platforms. If you have any issues or feedback, please contact us on support@atmosphaeres.com