Draw Cats like Tracing Paper – Kozo Terai


It is easy to draw using tracing paper, and this is the app which makes you possible to do that!
You can watch your cats you drew start moving!!
Draw with more than 150 colors.

How to play
In the drawing mode, push the Cat button, choose a picture, from more than 100 cats and kittens, or even from your own photo album.

Fix the size and place of the picture, and you can start drawing, just like using tracing paper!

While coloring the Cats and Kittens, if you tap play button, you can see the replay of your coloring as animation.

Then look into ‘Exhibition’, and you would see your Cats and Kittens moving, in many sizes.

In the ‘Exhibition’ mode, you can tap the screen to produce a new Kitten at the point!

You can save your pictures in the app, and view them in the Gallery.
You can reedit your pictures, too.
The pictures can be saved in you Photo album as a png file, keeping it’s transparency.

Start drawing now!