Dragon & Dino Sky Shoot Game – Ajaz Ali

Are you ready to hunt the animals on deadly island? Welcome to island of doom where you are trapped in the jungle, between dinosaurs, fire breathing dragons in FlyingDragon Hunter: Deadly Island.
You came to the jungle to seek hunt but the prey you though were here is the predator. Hunt the most vicious animals and become the famous hunter of the Deadly Island. Fight through a series of unfortunate events and discover the amazing and terrorizing wildlife of the crooked Deathly Island.
The jungle is full of dangerous lashing dinosaurs, the most lethal and fatal creatures that were once forgotten, the Dragons. These flying dragons can breathe fire and throw fire balls at you. They can burn you in a second. They can take many bullets so take critical shots to weaken and kill these deathly species
Monster Flying Dinosaur Hunter: Sniper Dino Hunting Game is a deadly flying dino hunter in a Jurassic battlefield: this game is about to shoot the dinosaurs and dragons in a different way. Let’s become a crazy hunting spree. Shoot for the thrill, shoot for joy. Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition of a lifetime to kill the ultimate game in flying Dinosour Hunter
Do you want to become a hunter and saviour, by helping out, some innocent people? Then dragon hunting is the game you must be looking for.Dragon hunting is a very engaging, adventurous and addictive game, with some amazing graphics and sound effects.

In this hunting game, you will have to shoot down the dangerous dragons.Consider this shooting game as a mission of safeguarding from some life threatening creatures.
This hunting game presents you with some amazing gameplay like never before. Develop your shooting skills by becoming a hunter.
Enjoy every moment of this game, by hunting down the flyingdinasour, with a beautiful scenery view in the background.Shoot down the dragons as quickly as possible as they have the ability to emit fire and can do a lot of damage to the village and its people.
Game Features:

• Realistic Graphics.
• Different types of flying legend dragons and Dinasour to play.
• Epic giant battles and smooth controls.
• Character progression.
• Interesting missions with absorbing gameplay.