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Dorray, it is a intelligent sports app that supports a variety of intelligent device, can synchronize intelligent device data, generate chart reports, record body and exercises data.

[intelligent Health Scale]
Through the connection of intelligent health scale, you can synchronize 10 body data, such as: weight, body fat percentage、BMI, etc. It is able to generate data curves and record physical changes. Meanwhile, the body dimension can be recorded, the body circumference curve can be generated, and the body shape can be seen at a glance. You can also add family members. You can use one device for multiple people.

[Vibration Power Plate]
With the connection of Vibration Power Plate, you can easily control the device on your mobile phone, making it easier to operate. There are some training mode for you to choose, for example: warm-up, relaxation, fat burning, etc.

By connecting one or more devices on this app, that you can control a single device or multi-devices at the same time. There are some functions to help you to use, such as, adjust the strength、training time of the equipment , and to choose the accurate part/parts which you want to do the exercise. Meanwhile, there are some mode for you to choose, such as, relaxation, fat burning, etc.

Dorray,, will continue to develop more intelligent devices, make sports smarter and make life more convenience.