Doodle Lab Paint & Drawing App – Doodle Buddy Labs


Doodle Lab is the most fun you can have with your finger! It’s for everyone from the serious artist to someone just starting out.

● Draw on your pics or dozens of included backgrounds.
● Smudge works just like your finger on chalk, but your fingers don’t get dirty!
● Stamp creative icons onto drawings–eyes, lips, hearts, animals, flowers and more!
● Stencils easily make perfect circles, squares, triangles or even intricate snowflakes.

If you think you suck and drawing, try Doodle Lab. You’ll be surprised at the amazing stuff you can make. If you’re already into drawing, you’ll have fun with Doodle Lab too. It’s a simple, artistic medium that’s not quite like anything else. Stretch yourself within its constraints, and see what you can make.

Doodle Lab is where Art meets Fun.