Dog Training Jump and Stunts Simulator 3D – Atif Aziz


Dog trainee, get ready to train the dogs for stunts and jumps to perform in the dogs jumps and stunts training competition.

Train your police dogs for police assault academy who can chase down the criminals and thieves, train dogs for stunt performance, be the best dog trainee in the town. Train the best dogs like, German shepherd, greyhound, bull terrier, pups, Dalmatian, hounds. Train your dogs for the race against time in this thrilling dog-training jump and stunts simulator. This game of dog training for jumps and stunts are for those who love to play animal simulator games.

Choose your favorite police dogs like (German Shepherd) or hunting training dogs like (greyhound, bull terrier) or small dogs like Dalmatians, puppies’ textures and speed through laps in style! Compete with other beautiful canines in gradually harder levels and challenges. Be the winner on the victory stand of dog racing, training, jump and stunt performance.

Its time to train your stray dogs for dog training to chase the criminals and robbers and perform stunts. Release your best dogs and get around, start full strangle feat with dog training for police department in one of the best dog training games, feel the adventure to become a brave dog trainer trainee. of DOG TRAINING JUMP & STUNT SIMULATOR will surely blow you away as you have never ever have played the dog training games and stunt performance dog and puppy trainer games, the best doggies in town are here to perform the stunts. This game of modern Dog Training Jump and Stunt are for the fans that liked crazy dog jump and stunt sim, with combined stunning performance stunting features, this is the best dog training free games.

In Dog Training Jump & Stunt, conquer the stunt tracks and cross all the hurdles and become the champion dog and get the reward and at the same time, show daredevil stunning tricks and stunts, jump over the huge hurdles, fire rings, crawl down the sand run through the water and hoops, dodge barrels and all kinds of obstacles, learn the art of controlling dogs of various breeds. Live the dream of having a realistic dog racing, jumping and stunt performing simulator and enjoy the real modern celebration of playing dog training games, this dog training and dog racing jump and stunt game is one of the best dog and pups cubs training game.

Dog Training Jump & Stunt Sim 3D is an awesome chance to do some fun crazy police dog training and learning to jump and cross hurdles in sessions which you will thoroughly enjoy as a dog racing and stunt simulator. German shepherd dog are known for sniffing qualities such as agility, loyalty, aggression powerful running and grabbing abilities which are essential for a police chasing and hunting dogs helps in hunt criminals and they prove to be the best trainee dogs for police department.

Dog Training Jump & Stunt Sim 3D is not a regular simulator or adrenaline filled game, it’s a dog trainee game and all about various breeds to be trained by a professional dog trainer to perform stunts on a race course ground and get awarded All police dog cadets trainee must be experts at obedience dog racing and training
and should hear the dog whistle while training and dog racing stunts.

A police dog whistle is special for training dogs to hear them and perform stunts and jumps while they go crazy over the stunt running over ramps and hurdles and show the agility class through endurance and agility training.
This dog training jumps and stunt dog racing simulator has been designed for animal simulator game lovers, so sit back and have fun!