With the new version of the DIVUS OPTIMA app you can control your home automation system even when you are on the road. Use your iPhone or iPad in order to supervise and control the functions of your home via Wi-Fi or mobile network. The app acts as client software that connects to your DIVUS KNXCONTROL device and thereby gives you access to your KNX system.

The simple interface of the DIVUS OPTIMA app gives you a good handle on all functionalities of your system. Not only lightning control is possible, even HVAC control, irrigation, scenarios, shutter functions, energy management, audio/video systems and much more can be easily managed remotely.

In order to use the app, no additional configuration is required! Once your KNX bus system (www.knx.org) is working and you set up your DIVUS KNXCONTROL device, the DIVUS OPTIMA app automatically downloads all necessary parameters from the network. After starting the app you can launch a search for a DIVUS KNXCONTROL device installed within your network. After adding the found product, you will gain access to all the KNX devices of your system after a short loading time.

Important notices:
This application is compatible only with KNXCONTROL devices with software version 2.5.0 or higher.

– Residential
– Offices
– Commercial buildings
– Industrial buildings

– Light control (On / Off, dimming), shutters, irrigation,…
– HVAC (Heating / Cooling)
– Scenarios
– Energy management
– Data logging
– Notifications