Dingxin (Securities) Token – DingXIN (Securities) Limited

Dingxin (Securities) Limited is dedicated to providing multi-function investment services to clients. Apart from the established online securities trading system, Dingxin (Securities) Limited is now offering a new cyber securities mobile application, Dingxin (Securities) Token. This new application has been reviewed by i-TotalSecurity Consulting Limited and passed industry standard testing cases. It operates quickly, smoothly and stably, aiding you to exploit every investment opportunities ahead at your fingertips.

Main features include:
• Simple Operation: takes only 4 steps to finish the Token 2-Factor Authentication
• High Security: uses auto-generated password for second login
• Low cost: No hardware setup/maintenance fee
• No Boundary: Can be used in areas outside of HK
• Convenient: takes only few seconds to finish through mobile application

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Customer Service at (852) 2115 2013.

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