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Benoît Layer - Dice artwork Dice
Benoît Layer
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: April 10, 2011

Too often you end up unable to play your favorite game because you lack the stuff needed… You forgot the Dice !
Dice simulates up to 7 (21 on iPad) dice simultaneously. Shake the device, and dice are rolled ! For the lazy ones, a simple pressure on the screen will roll the dice too. Dice is extremely simple, everyone can play anywhere.

To sum-up :
• Shake to roll
• Pick a specific color for each die
• From 1 to 7 dice simultaneously (on bigger iPhones), 21 on iPad
• Save your dice in the save bar
• Left swipe to save all dice
• Touch the screen to roll
• Easy to use
• Drag dice on screen to order them
• And you can play your favorite game !

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