Dialogue : Screenplay Writer – Carbon Studio LLC


This is a really great idea for an app and is beautifully executed with just a few improvements I feel need to be made. First, what it gets right: I am currently working on writing a webcomic and just getting into the stage of scripting early episodes and this is really perfect and convenient for that purpose. It’s very easy to see at a glance in this format what is dialogue and what is action,scene setting, etc. It’s as simple as texting so I don’t feel like I’m getting bogged down trying to write in a lengthy document on my phone. I love that you can set avatars for the characters so you can easily tell who is saying what. Being able to script individual scenes and easily move them around within the script is also great! And if you need everything to be converted to a proper screenplay format, it’s there for you within a couple taps.

Now, onto what I think should be improved:
There needs to be a way to edit the dialogue/text once you’ve typed it. As far as I can tell, once you’ve typed a line and “sent” it, you can only rearrange the lines or delete a line, but not go back and edit a line without deleting and retyping the whole thing: It would also be great if while editing a line you could change the character it is assigned to or convert it into direction text in case you accidentally set it to the wrong character or otherwise need to change it. If these changes would be made I would definitely purchase the full version of the app when I have the money.

Some other suggestions that are not as important: it would be nice to be able to organize scenes further into Acts. It would also be nice to be able to insert photos into scenes to be able to show storyboards alongside the script, but that is something that would be mostly useful to me personally and is not really the focus of the app so I totally understand it not being a feature. Overall the app is very promising, will likely make my life a bit easier, and is very sleek and visually appealing as well. Definitely can see it going places.