DestoPay – Desto Blockchain LLC

DESTO PAY is a part of the DESTO ecosystem of crypto and fiat currency financial solutions. This app allows merchants, vendors and individuals to perform a full-range of payments — quicker, faster and better than ever before.

By using the app and participating within the community, you are helping to incorporate blockchain technology into everyday life, as you:

SEND PAYMENTS WITHIN SECONDS – send crypto and fiat currencies instantly, to any destination in the world, via the DEO blockchain protocol — one of the world’s fastest and most secure, based on Quark’s SHA-3 measure.

USE THE MULTI-FUNCTION PAYMENT DASHBOARD – Whether you are a merchant, want to pay a bill, remittance, or invoice, or simply want to buy and sell good or services, DESTO PAY allows you to easily manage the ways in which you send and receive all your payments in crypto and fiat, within seconds.

GET PAID THE EASIEST WAY – Receive payments in all supported cryptocurrencies, or regular fiat.

BENEFIT FROM THE SUPER FAST, FULL-STACK PRIVATE BLOCKCHAIN – Download the app and gain access to the DESTO blockchain powered by the formidable, lightning speed, instant DEO protocol.

DESTO is both builder and operator of its own private blockchain, network and decentralised gateway for your confidence.