Decision Helper: Make a Choice Avoid Bad Decisions – Rehegoo


Are you hesitant about taking an important decision? Need some help to make up your mind? Make a choice thanks to Decision Helper, the App that will help you choose when you lack the skills to do so on your own!

Avoid taking bad decisions yourself: have fate do it on your behalf! A random spin is all it takes; the spinning wheel will easily show what option it thinks you should choose.

Decision Helper contains 10 default options and settings:

1) YN: yes/no
2) YNM: yes/no/maybe
3) DIRECTIONS: up/down
4) DIRECTIONS 2: left/right
5) DIRECTIONS 3: turn left/turn right/straight ahead
6) COIN: heads/tails
7) FEELINGS: love/hate
8) ACTIONS: kiss/slap
9) DRINK: water/beer/wine/coke
10) EAT: pizza/spaghetti/sushi/ice cream

If these do not suit your needs, you can create your own, personalized list, with a max of 4 options from which to choose: write them down yourself, and give them one of 16 colors to distinguish them from each other. Use them for military, medical or even ethical decision making! See what destiny has in store for you.

The Premium Version contains even more default options from which to choose. Unlock them to reveal the full potential of this App!

1) CARDINAL POINTS: north/south/west/east
2) CONTINENTS: europe/america/africa/asia/australia
3) DICE SIDES: one/two/three/four/five/six
4) CARDINAL POINTS 2: north-east/north/north-west/south-east/south/south-west/west/east
5) DAYS: sunday/monday/tuesday/wednesday/thursday/friday/saturday
6) MONTHS: january/february/march/april/may/june/july/august/september/october/november/december
7) ACTIVITIES: swim/gym/cinema/skating/dancing/bowling/shopping
8) ICE CREAM: lemon/strawberry/banana/pistachio/cherry/vanilla/coconut/nougat
9) FOOD: mc donalds/burger king/kfc/pizza hut/subway
10) TWISTER: left foot on red/left foot on green/left foot on yellow/left foot on blue/right hand on red/right hand on green/right hand on yellow/right hand on blue/right foot on red/right foot on green/right foot on yellow/right foot on blue/left hand on red/left hand on green/left hand on yellow/left hand on blue
By choosing to download the full version of this app, you will be able to unlock every premium feature available. These include:
– The ability to create an infinite number of lists.
– Possibility of inserting up to 50 options from which you phone can randomly choose from.
– The ability to set the exact percentage of possibility for each option you create.
– An infinite range of colors with which to decorate your spin wheel.

Bad decisions? Don’t fear them no more! Just use Decision Helper, and turn your day the right way. If you like our app, please leave a postitive review on the store, and let us know how to make this experience even better for you.