Caffeine Tracker – Gerry Korfiatis

Track your caffeine and drink less of it to stay healthy!

Our caffeine tracking app gets you monitoring your daily caffeine intake to reduce your intake over time. You can even track your daily caffeine over the last week and compare and share your ‘DeCaf score’ with your friends!

It’s so important to make sure you are drinking a safe level of caffeine daily and our caffeine tracker can help you with that!

Not sure where to start? It’s simple, just use our guide to calculate your ideal caffeine intake, then set up our smart caffeine reminders to alert you at the right time to drink more water.

You can track coffee, tea, energy drinks, sodas and even enter custom amounts.

Caffeine tracking and caffeine reminders help you curb your habit in no time at all.

Track your caffeine intake daily and get really useful insights and statistics to track your caffeination levels.

Best of all, this app is completely free! We are always doing our best to improve your experience and would love to hear your feedback by rating our app once you’ve used it.

Here’s a recap of what our app can do for you: Daily caffeine intake tracking, caffeine statistics, smart caffeine reminders and alarms.

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