DealStore – Shopping Benefits – Ashok Yadav

DealStore App helps buyers in finding great deals, offers, discounts in their area and localities within reach.

It has over 22 categories to search for great deals available.

DealStore App helps buyer’s to connect with sellers directly and vice versa.

Through portal, seller’s can post their offers in image, video and text formats in regional languages for local touch along with English for better reach.

DealStore benefits:

For Buyers:
+ It save’s money
+ Help’s in convenience & save’s time
+ Directly contact/locate store from App
+ Ease in search offer’s of particular interest

For Sellers:
* Sellers can easily post offers with details like quantity, offer percentage, duration of offer
* Gets notified when buyer shows interest in the offer
* Manage offers on the fly
* Platform for sellers to offer discounts on products and services