dCS Network Bridge – dCS Ltd


dCS Network Bridge app provides complete wireless control via iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch of the dCS Network Bridge.

Music Management and Playback

• Play Mode – control the volume, phase, mute and play queue
• Playlist Management – create, edit, store, delete, load playlists. Supports shuffle and repeat modes
• View Modes – supports both grid mode or list view of browsed content
• Text Search – allows you to enter text on screen using the onscreen keyboard and as displays album and artists as you type
• A to Z – allows user to jump to letter when browsing music collections

System Configuration

• Information – displays your unit status and performs automatic software updates
• Unit Settings – complete control over settings including Downsampling and Indexing Threshold
• Playback Controls – complete control of Phase and Channel Swap
• Online Service – Set-up your Tidal for use with Network Bridge

Note: The Network Bridge app is tested against MinimServer, Twonky and Asset UPnP servers. To learn more about dCS products, software history and recommended configurations please visit www.dcsltd.co.uk