Days – Your history – Naoki Nakajo

This app is useful for creating a history table, period calculation, and countdown. You can create multiple lists, so you can organize them as you like.

● First enter your name and birthday, history will be automatically created.
● The period calculation between two items can be easily set by drag and drop. You can also tap to set the period up to today.
● Long press each item or list to enter edit mode. It can be deleted or moved by drag and drop.
● You can add / delete lists and set the birthday of a person for age display from the settings.
● You can enter from 999 BC to 9999 AD. BC is displayed with a minus sign.
● If you create a CSV file, you can use File app, so you can use it for spreadsheet applications. You can also rewrite the contents of a CSV file.
● Personal information included in the history table is never sent outside the CSV file, so there is no risk of leakage.
● Banner ads will be displayed.