Data Home – hu yafeng


Data Home app is designed for managing smart storage devices. With Data Home, you can connect smart devices to the Data Home, saving all kinds of files like photos and videos. What’s more, photos from the camera or files in the USB disk can be uploaded to the Data Home automatically.
Photo Backup
You can quickly backup photos and videos in the mobile phone to smart storage device, and enable the Auto-Sync function.
Quick Uploading and Sharing
Photos saved in the SD card of the camera can be imported to the device automatically and quickly. It is convenient for you to share photos to your friends or family.
Smart Classification
Files uploaded can be classified into Image, Music, Video, Document automatically.
Online Search
You can use the browser to view the HD photo and play the video or audio file directly.
H100 Personal Cloud
l  Support storing and offline downloading the iQIYI videos (only available in mainland China)
l  Support querying the device status
l  Designed with the slider
l  Support the automatic classification
l  Support the data protection
l  Fix album automatic backup function