Dangerous Military Truck Drive : Off-Road Par-king – Muhammad Tahir


Dangerous Military Truck Drive : Off-Road Par-king is one of the great game ideas to drive a real truck parking game for you. A great simulator adventure for the lovers of truck parking In This game you are a truck driver and your target is that to drive a truck safely, reach to parking point and chase the level.

*** Duty ***
this game have differnet many game modes.Drive is carefully to reach the parking point safely. Truck parking simulator brings you the best truck and bus model and give you the nice realistic physics steering control to make a more feasible result. This luxury truck gives you a chance to increase your parking skills and driving capabilities on the slippery off road.

*** Environment ***
This real sim cargo with realistic truck on highway with load inside to give you real driving and parking experience. Enjoying each mode without traffic. In this game you have to protect yourself from hurdles and otherwise your target mission should be failed. There are three types of environments. These are hill climb, snow and desert modes

*** Sound Effect ***
Realistic and beautiful sound effect provided inside the game is really entertaining and give you a great pleasure.

*** How To Play ***
• It’s just simple and easy to play. Download and press play button, and select the truck than select the mission of selected truck.
• The big paddle on the right side of the device is accelerator paddle and the small paddle is breal paddle. Press and hold the accelerator paddle to drive the truck.
• Staring is shown on the device move around the staring to move vehicle to the left and right.
This feature will helpful for you if you never drive vehicle in real.
• Gear panel appear on the upper side of the device on truck will move to front and then click on the panel to use reverse gear.
• Play the challenging game simulation game and enjoy.