D350BT is a bluetooth smart wireless trailing edge dimmer. You can control your lights by using D350BT button or your smartphone or tablet. It includes a robust, high performance mesh networking technology. You can get a whole new lighting experience.
•You can control your lights with D350BT button or an intuitive and visual user interface on your smart phone or tablet
•To suit different applications, multiple D350BT dimmers can be formed automatically a fast wireless network with no commissioning experts are needed, no gateway module or any kind of dongle is needed to control lighting via BLE.
• Bluetooth4.0 wireless technology is of very low radiation to ensure healthy living

• Turn on/off or dim your luminaires
• Group the luminaires and then control the group as one.
• Configure, save and recall scenes.
• Use timers to turn on and off lights at predefined times
• Take pictures from your spaces or upload your lighting layout drawings and add
lighting control directly to your picture.
• Cloud service that enhances user experience.
• Devices firmware can be updated over-the-air.