Crossword Zen: Word Connect – Piotr Makowski

Play Crosswords Collect and see that learning and playing can go hand in hand!
Unlock new levels by creating words from the set of the letters on your screen.

Crossword Zen is a stimulating crossword puzzle game with great graphics.

Crosswords Zen will improve your focus and the ability to find plenty of words form
the same set of letters.
It’s plain and simple!

You’ll get addicted in no time and soon enough you’ll have a brain for word puzzles.

– Free To Play!
– good brain training
– entertaining puzzles
– simple to play but hard to master
– works online and offline (no Wi-Fi necessary)
– letter hints
– improves your focus and spelling skills with each puzzle
– difficulty increases according to your level

– slide your finger over the letters and find new words
– search for word anagrams from the letters on the screen
– fill the gaps with the correct words
– get to a new level of the word search puzzle until you become a master