CrossFit Fitrus for Member – 원소프트다임

CrossFit Land Warrior produces health data, conversations, and missions that:

1) Sharing: In the Same mission, members can share know-how and experiences;

2) Update Mission Status: Anytime and Anywhere, members can update the status of the mission. If they forget it, we will notify them every night (10:00 PM) through the smartphone app.
In real-time, coaches can check the latest status through the tablet app or web.

3) 10-sec of measuring time: Fitrus Plus is a smart device for measuring body composition. In CrossFit Land Warrior, members can measure body composition in only 5 sec.

4) Get Support: We are here to support CrossFit Land Warrior. Please let us know what you need.

This app and service are for CrossFit Land Warrior members only.

– Apple HealthKit
User can get activity step data from Apple HealthKit.