CPR Training – Warp Industries BV


Imagine… You work in health care, you know how to perform CPR! Or do you? What happens when you are actually confronted with such a situation? People stress out, tension risen, all eyes on you, you have little time to act. Do you panic, do you freeze, or do you perform well under that pressure? Time to find out.

This Virtual Reality training enables you to see how well you perform under pressure. When the going gets tough. It enables you to actually be ready, in real life.
Just download the app, put your iPhone in VR goggles and get “warped” into a situation where every second counts and it’s your call.

Warp Industries and Amsterdam Medical Center developed this interactive CPR training where you call the shots, and also experience the results. When it comes to health & safety, seconds mean the difference between life and death. By being ready you can make the difference.