Count To 25 – Sergei Deviatov

For all the fans of the any puzzles. We present you a unique puzzle game 25. The goal of the game is to collect the sum of 25 in all lines and in all columns of the field.

At the beginning of the game, the field is completely filled with numbers (correct answer), and then according to the chosen rules exactly 100 random movements occur. Next you have to move the digits to find the answer, so that the sum of the digits in each row and in each column was 25. In this case, it is not necessary to repeat the initial arrangement on the field – there are many solutions.

The game has 5 modes. Each of the modes has its own rules for moving figures around the field. And each of the modes differs in its complexity in solving the problem.
1 “Change” – this is the simplest mode, in it you can swap any two digits.
2 “Empty Cell” – in this mode, the rules of movement are similar to the game of a 15 puzzle.
3 “Lines” – in this mode, player moves the entire row or entire column, this is the most interesting version of the game.
4 “Rotate” – this is complicated mode, in which 4 digits rotate changing places.
5 “Carousel” is the most difficult mode, in it 8 digits move at once, they rotate around the selected central digit.

Try it and you will like it. Go through all the modes, it’s really interesting and difficult.