CossistTravel – john mathew


CossistTravel is an app to make your vacation enjoyable and productive. Often vacationers spend a good part of their short vacation looking for latest information about local attractions or events, or any other challenges in a new place. This is where CossistTravel play a pivotal role by making the latest and useful information available right at their fingertips.

The app provides a state of the art chat platform to provide this service. Queries can be answered by a human agent or an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered agent at the discretion of the user. In addition there are other state-of-the art services available on the chat window, all aimed at helping the vacationer to make their time productive.

CossistTravel also brings local businesses into the platform to help the vacationers to have seamless interaction with them.

Getting it to work is easy.

Download the app. If you are a first time user, a registration is required with a name and email.

Subsequent log-in is easy with just your phone number and a new instant passcode you receive each time.

Upon logged in, nearby locations are displayed. On the 3rd tap, users are on their way to chat with either a human agent or an AI assisted service.

User may use the clickable icons on the chat screen to avail other services.

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