CoPlai – CoPlai

◉ What would you like to learn today ? I will teach you in real time in co-play !

– cooking , baking , therapy , jaetekeu including any hobbies living in Copley real-time live and learn !

◉ Live: Let’s learn in real time , co- play’On air’!

– Copley is the instructor and the learner in real time to communicate can that online classes offer .

In other words , the record in the form of a lecture , not a live streaming via vividly learn can itjyo .

Classes continue being a lecturer and immediate interaction possible unique platform .

◉’Limitless ‘ Infinite lectures beyond the limitations of time and space

– any time , any instructor , desired courses and learn . You can learn everything you want from a variety of instructors not only in Korea but also around the world .

◉ ‘Communcation’ as a lesson listen students and community formation

– alone, lonely the river listening mood ? No! Copley is a lesson to listen between the students community and form , this through student will continue to be exchange can help help .

◉ Required and optional access rights

Camera : Review registration / edit , profile image registration / modification , course registration / modification

Album / Video : Review registration / edit , profile image registration / edit , course registration / edit

Push notification : upgrade , course recommendation , course notification and news notification ( optional )

If you have any questions while using the app , please feel free to contact us at ,

We will help you quickly .