Conqube – Conqube, Inc

Conqube is a new way to accept and conquer everyday challenges. Interact with friends, family, and places nearby, doing challenges that you love or get you out of your comfort zone. Come join a community that highlights individual achievements and helps maximize your potential.

Users are able to conquer challenges through four different categories: Personal, Active, Places, and Entertainment. Users can create their own challenges to share with friends, as well as accept challenges already created by other users.

Use Conqube to:

Accept challenges from friends or users you follow. Once accepted, that challenge will automatically go to your profile under challenges “In Progress”. Once complete, the challenge will move over to your “Conquered” grid. Great job!

Create your own challenge. Do you have something unique you like to do? An excellent family recipe? A DIY project? Or even a workout of the day? Post it and share it to the world to see how many people conquer it!

Create an event and invite your friends. Family reunion? Friend’s hangout? Trivia night? Evening jog? See who shows up, and relive the moment by simply clicking the challenge and looking at all the completions.

Conquer bucket list items like the Grand Canyon, running a marathon, attending a big concert, or meeting your favorite celebrity.

Conqube highlights:

Navigate the “Discover” section and search by a certain category or keyword for a challenge you’d like to accept.

Organizes challenges for you, where a user can go back and instantly see all conquers in one place.

Keep up with National Days.

Invite others to join your challenge by simply clicking on the “invite” icon on the top right corner of the challenge.

Keep each other accountable on challenges.

See the location of the challenge and all its members.

Add the image you want to highlight your challenge.

Challenges can have one or unlimited completions.

Use the notifications tab to see what your friends are doing, who’s liked your challenge, or the invites you have.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?!