Confidence In Interviews – Santis Rolmanis

Confidence VR is a tool which aims to help its users to become better prepared for your next or upcoming interview. As a name suggest, this application is also a virtual reality app, that submerges you into realistic, natural like, office environment. We, the developers of Confidence VR, are extremely dedicated to continually improve and create more advanced and powerful tool while taking in the consideration all the feedback and suggestions from our users. We believe, that together, we can create a truly powerful and recognized solution. Currently, we have launched our application for the first time and we’re extremely excited to find out from you our users, what did you think about it and what would you like to see to be improved, changed or newly introduced? If you’re keen to share your opinion with us, please complete our quick 10 question survey that will help us to be on the right development track. We would love to see your reviews in the review section as well. Thank you.

Current Features to note:

8 different interviews to choose from (The number of the interviews/ questions, length and difficulty will be upgraded shortly.)

A full trackable scoring system that can be found in the app. (Online user interface will be coming out shortly as well.)

Great improvement and feedback system, which guides you in the direction of improvements. (There will be a more sophisticated interpretation of it shortly.)

Great appearance VR office environment with characters. (Characters will be replaced for better ones, shortly.)

Great looking User interfaces both outside and in the interview. (Once again, will be re-designed for our new appearance style and website.)

Smooth controllability and feel for the use of the application.

We’re looking to introduce some truly amazing updates and we’re begging for you (User) to stay by while we’re crawling to the top of Virtual Reality Interview tool.