ColorFun: Science and Nature – Szocs Robert Laszlo


Discovery the beauty of our World through ColorFUN: Science and Nature educational game. Find out about animals, plants, the weather, the human body, our Universe, and many more, all in 10 fun, amazing and educational games. ColorFUN: Science and Nature is made for kids, aged 6-8 who are eager to learn in a fun way.
The 10 chapters include:
1 – Weather recognition (collect all the snow clouds, while avoiding the rainy ones)
2 – Learn the steps of planting a flower (while making sure you don’t hit any obstacles)
3 – Find animals from different zones (safari, polar, etc.) in a quick memory style game
4 – Splash all the fruits, making sure that after you play the game you eat at least on of them 🙂
5 – Inspect the insects life
6 – Try to find all the good things domestic animals have to offer to us, in an intriguing “match 3 game”
7 – Save all the animals that should “swim” with the fishes from the seas
8 – Ready for a healthy salad? Swipe through the vegetables to find the only one with all its part
9 – Human body is amazing. As this game too. Swipe the circle, and tap the senses you use to get information about the elements at which the circle stopped
10 – Our Solar System is ready to be discovered. Be a “Big Bang” creator, and make the plants go big, avoiding those pesky meteorites.

Have fun, and enjoy learning!