Color Snake – Avoid Blocks – iTL Games

◉ Simple controls
◉ Unique gameplay experience
◉ Colorful neon graphic style
◉ Atmospheric music
◉ Leaderboard for each level
◉ More than 100 unique levels
◉ Cool machine generation level content
◉ Each level has endless mode
◉ Grow your own biggest snake!



Developers message:
“We developed this game 2 years as a home project. It’s a long time, but that’s why this release is very important for us.
We believe that games can make us happy, to laugh, showing us that the difficulties are only minor problems.
The games are played all, children, adults, the elderly. Everyone plays, any nation!
We are glad that our creation is available to so many!
Thanks for play our game! Please rate our work.”