Color Fidget Spinner 2018 – Otmane Zarrouki

Color fidget spinner is a free arcade game, your mission is to control the coloring fidget Spinner right and left to pass through the line colors.

Switch between the colors while avoiding the obstacles and go further with the Hand color Spinner.

Five colors of Color fidget Spinner are available in this spinner game.

We all know that The Fidget Spinner is a cool toy that’s just twisted in your hands, you can use it everywhere, Here is a new feature of the spinner game with different colors.

The game is here to simulate your reflexion and give you a great experience with the Fidget Spinner.

Color Fidget Spinner is new and a free game designed for you.

Download it now and let the color Spinner roll without stopping through different colors.

Let us know how mush you like fidget spinner game by telling us you opinion, that will help us a lot to improve.