Coin Flow & Budget – Serhiy Zastavnyy

Coin Flow is a powerful application to manage and track your expenses. It helps you to understand where you spend the most and optimize your spendings, it gives you feeling of financial security and confidence. So you can free up valuable resources for more important and pleasant things! 🙂

Application could be useful for tracking personal finances, events planning (wedding, tourist trips, etc.), as a periodical payments reminder, small business driving.
No ads. No online registration. No third-party servers. All your data only on your devices and your Google Cloud space.

We offer:
– quick adding and tracking of purchases
– easy adding of transactions, money transfers and currency exchanges
– lending and borrowing tracking (counterparty settlement)
– budget planning
– finance goals tracking
– operational templates for recurring and usual transactions
– unlimited accounts/categories/projects/counterparties/tags
– powerful reports to help you to see where your money is
– calendar to show you when and what expenses you had
– nice themes, any colors
– track transactions by geo coordinates

Upgrade to paid service to get:
– PIN and fingerprint protection
– data synchronisation between devices
– possibility to attach any files to transactions
– autoupdate currency rates
– transaction split
– data export to CSV
– backup and restore data from your device
– possibility to save filters to farther its quick access

Available 20+ languages.

We strongly recommend to setup data backup to avoid data lost.