Climendo 71% – coast & ocean forecasts – Climendo AB


The latest app from the team behind critically acclaimed weather app Climendo. This app covers the remaining 71% of the world – the oceans.

No matter what your purpose is for spending time in, or on the water, you should always check the forecasts before heading out. Although forecasts can’t guarantee to be correct, it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Climendo is known throughout the world for knowing a lot about accuracy. Forecast data has been gathered for years from some of the best providers, and later compared to observations. Now Climendo does the same thing for ocean forecasts, including wave height, and wave direction.

Features in the app:

• Drop a pin and get a forecast for that spot.

• Access data from wave buoys, and coastal stations..

• Get detailed forecast information.

• Compare forecasts from more than one source.

• Map views for waves, and wind. Zoom in, and out with incredible freedom, and detail.

• Get inspired by environmental heroes with Climendo Heartbeat.

Climendo 71% strives to only feature the most accurate weather forecasters. Currently we use data from NOAA as you probably are used to from your previous ocean apps. Together with the new, and unique map layer we hope our service will provide a great user experience. We are continuously adding more local and international weather providers to allow you to compare them on one screen, and to improve the accuracy of the forecast.

Climendo’s heart beats for all the innovative companies, and hard working organizations out there that try to reduce the negative impacts on our environment. One way for us to do good is to feature some of them in the app for free. We hope you will find it both interesting and inspiring to find out more about their work. We would also like to encourage other companies to find a way to help out.

The regular Climendo app is the highest rated weather app in Swedish App Store, and the company is ranked as one of the hottest digital start-ups in Sweden. It is frequently featured in acclaimed media around the world.