Click Clack Bang Bang! – Andrew Stark


Trigger finger blasting action with a carnival feel fused with the old wild west!

A simple and beautiful shooting challenge for iPhone and iPad.

Game Features

Intuitive gameplay – learn in seconds!
Classic Mode – 3 lives and 1 revolver. Don’t miss and avoid TNT!
Arcade Mode – test your shooting skills against the clock
Chill Mode – don’t let TNT ruin your day, chill out…
Duel Mode* – challenge a friend to a split screen shoot off
Cool background options (wood, brick, canvas, wallpaper, steel, night)
Collect achievement badges
Complete shooting challenges for extra points and badges
Gun upgrades include 2-gun revolver, rifle, shotgun and the mighty GAT (Gatling) gun
Shoot hearts to gain lives
Shoot coins to earn ‘continue’ tokens
Earn bonus points for accuracy and shooting multiples

* iPad only

After mastering Classic Mode why not try Arcade Mode (against the clock), Chill Mode (no TNT) or challenge a friend in Duel Mode (a split screen ‘fastest finger wins’ shoot-off).

So, load up your trusty six-shooter and rid the town of those pesky flying objects, just remember to avoid that TNT… it’ll kill ya dead!