Cleaner365 – 阳 杨

Cleaner365,It is a clean-up tool that can easily help you solve the problem of insufficient space on your phone.
With a number of useful functions such as clearing memory junk, cleaning pictures and videos, organising contacts, etc.
It is a powerful cleaning tool to free up space and improve the speed of your phone.

Product features:

1. Quickly release phone space
AI intelligent cleaning, the phone to reduce the memory occupation, no longer endure the memory shortage, lag and other troubles!

2. Clean up oversized images and videos
Scan oversized pictures and videos to save more space, easy to operate and very efficient!

3. Quickly clean up similar pictures
Identify similar photos and select the best ones intelligently, leaving the best ones for you!

4. Contacts cleaning
Contacts management, quickly merge duplicate contacts, eliminate duplicate invalid and other troubles!

5. Clear application cache teaching
Clear the cache of WeChat; Clear the cache of TikTok.